The New (Possibly Improved) Andrew’s Myth

You’ll notice some changes on the site today.

First, I have deployed a new layout. While the old one served me well, I think the new one makes better use of screen space on all devices, and has a better overall aesthetic.

Second, I have added a “Bookstore” feature, which can be accessed by clicking the second icon in the upper-right corner of any screen. It links to an Amazon store that contains some resources that I have found useful and influential. Now you may ask, why would I do that? A few reasons. First, I think they are truly good and helpful resources. Every book in there is one I have used and would highly recommend to anyone else. Second, I made a decision a few months back to convert Andrew’s Myth into an ad-free site. This meant going from a free WordPress hosting service to one that costs me money to operate. I don’t mind doing that, but the bookstore is way to partially recuperate those costs. I’m not saying that my readers all need to go and buy stuff there. But, if you were going to buy these resources anyway (and everyone should!), and you like this site, buying through my store is one way to help keep the site going and ad-free.

Take some time to explore the new site, leave any feedback you might have, and look forward to some new content in the coming days. ♦

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