A Call to Repent of Trump

Video has been released by the Washington Post of Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump making comments about sexually assaulting women (warning: language).

I would like to tell you how shocked and surprised I am by this release, but it would not be honest of me. Trump has a long track record of deviant behavior and comments. As Al Mohler astutely pointed out this summer, evangelicals who have thrown their support for Trump owe Bill Clinton an apology. We know who Trump is and what he is about. Trump is about getting what Trump wants, no matter what moral boundaries must be transgressed, no matter what shady deals must be made, and, as this video explicitly shows, no matter how many women are harmed. I don’t think anyone who has fairly and honestly looked at Trump’s character can truly say that they are surprised about the content of this video.

I have always had this feeling surrounding the Trump campaign that it was teetering on the edge–some new scandal, some new revelation would finally come to light that would be too much for people to stomach. Well, now we have it. Again, no surprise. I’ve had a feeling that Trump at some point was going to implode and take down his supporters with him. Today, I am glad more than ever that I have never been one.

I’ve seen some of the response by many Christian Trump supporters, and despite how vile and sinful these comments are, they continue to support Trump and make excuses for this. To them, I say this:

Stop. It is inexcusable. Christians, stop sacrificing your witness on the altar of Trump. You cannot claim to be for biblical morality and “family values” and continue to grant a shred of credibility to anything this man says, or continue to harbor any belief that this man ought to be the leader of anything, especially the United States. The election is lost at this point. Trump will not come back from this scandal, and he should not. He never should have been put into a position to be here to begin with. The response from the Christian Trump supporter now should not be one of continued defensiveness and obstinance, but of sackcloth and ashes. It is time to repent of compromising on convictions. It is time to repent of political idolatry. It is time to repent of Trump ♦

4 thoughts on “A Call to Repent of Trump”

  1. You are making me face truths that I have been avoiding up until this week. I was of the mindset that if I don’t vote for Trump, I am voting for Hillary. (Which I in NO WAY care to do!) I never thought Trump should have come this far in the first place, but once he did, I thought I had no choice…. til this week. I applaud you for standing up and voicing these important issues. You have definitely opened my eyes to what we as Christians are letting Trump get away with. Do we turn a deaf ear to his vile and disgusting behavior simply because we don’t want to hand the election over to Hillary? I don’t think so. We had better be a nation on our knees, because things do not look good for our White House. And our Supreme Court…. But we absolutely know who is in control, and election or no…. Jesus has this.


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